Web Based (and Free) Data Visualization Tools

You don’t need sophisticated software to create great visualizations. For mapping geospatial data, try Google Fusion Tables (you’ll need a regular – non-Temple – Gmail account) or CartoDB.

If you want to create an infographic, try Piktochart, Infogram, or Visual.ly.

Need More Data? Look here…

Looking for some additional data to help your analysis? Try these:

Data.gov is the Federal Government’s open data initiative. Hundreds of data sets in a variety of formats.

Infochimps’ Data Marketplace has a lot of public data sets, ranging from the useful to the odd.

The City of Philadelphia has a strong open data initiative, posting their public data to OpenDataPhilly.

Infographic Examples

There are many infographic sites with plenty of great examples. Among them: Cool Infographics, Visual.ly, Daily Infographic are updated frequently and will give you a lot of good ideas.