The challenges of adopting emerging technologies

December 02, 2004
7:30 to 10:00 AM
Fox/Gittis Foyer
Liacouras Center
Temple University Main Campus

The adoption of emerging technologies is a constant challenge for organizations. New innovative technologies promise new higher levels of productivity, improved service and new business opportunities, but the new “silver bullet” often fails perhaps due to unrealistic expectations, spiraling budgets, lack of time and other resources, employee and customer resistance and just poor management.

In this new era of prudent management in which the willingness to just believe in the future and invest is gone, is it feasible for organizations to continue to adopt and invest in emerging technologies? Can organizations actually manage and structure the adoption of new technologies? The distinguished panel of experts will offer insights on the challenges of adopting emerging technologies in organizations.


  • Cynthia Kuper, President & CEO, Versilant Nanotechnologies
  • Terrie Stickel, Marketing Manager, SAP Field Marketing, SAP America
  • Judy Tschirgi, CIO & Senior VP, SEI
  • Art Valentine, VP Business Services & Operations, Promissor
  • Anne M. Wilms, VP & CIO, Rohm and Haas Company


  • Niraj Patel, Executive VP & CIO, GMAC Commercial Mortgage