Jeffrey Citron



Co-founder, Chairman, & Chief Strategist, Jeffrey Citron is a technology pioneer and visionary who transformed the financial services industry and is now aiming to redefine the telecommunications industry. Vonage Holdings Corporation has quickly become the leading supplier and name brand associated with Voice over IP (VOIP).

Mr. Citron spearheaded some of the more revolutionary financial services developments over the past decade. In 1995, Mr. Citron founded The Island ECN, a computerized trading system designed to eliminate the problems associated with order execution. Instinet Group recently acquired The Island ECN for $503 million. Today, the newly merged company is one of the largest global financial exchanges and is responsible for more than one in four NASDAQ trades.

Following on the success of The Island ECN, Mr. Citron founded and became the Chairman and CEO of Datek Online Holdings Corporation as Datek transitioned into the online brokerage industry. Under his leadership, Datek had grown to become the fourth largest online brokerage in the US and was recently acquired by Ameritrade Holdings for $1.3 billion. Mr. Citron departed Datek in 1999 and, recognizing a similar opportunity, founded Vonage.

Apart from his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Citron is continually pursuing philanthropic initiatives. He currently serves on the board of the Montclair Art Museum and through his family foundation, routinely funds medical research, supports the Arts and dedicates his time and resources to children’s charities.