Leveraging Wireless Networks for Corporate and Consumer Applications

April 20, 2006
7:30 to 10:00 AM
Fox/Gittis Foyer
Liacouras Center
Temple University Main Campus

Wireless network applications are now being deployed at an ever increasing pace. The vision is that these applications can provide the basis for new kinds ofcorporate and consumer applications.   The panel discussed some of the endless opportunities that are being pursued today, and, the ‘art of the possible’ to pursue tomorrow.  With wireless networks appearing almost everywhere, and the variety of access methods increasing from computers, to PDA’s, to cell phones, we discussed the benefits and the concerns of this rapidly evolving environment.  The benefits of the anytime-anywhere connectivity will greatly increase a consumer’s ability to find, inquire, map, order and pay for almost anything whenever and wherever they are.

Philadelphia’s investment in wireless networks will make it very affordable for almost anyone to get onto the wireless superhighway.  One of the first in the country, Philadelphia’s investment in wireless is being reviewed by many other major cities for replication.  In the consumer markets, cell phones can be used to remind people what they need purchase when they walk passed a store.  Vacations can now be spent with the capability of video conferencing back home to ensure the family is well.  The panel confirmed that the list of opportunities is endless.  The panel also confirmed that standards need to converge, frequencies can interfere with each other, and security MUST be imbedded into the applications and the connectivity.  While thinking out-of-the-box on opportunities, thorough testing is more important than ever.


  • Thomas M. Borger, Vice President, Global Consumer Healthcare IT, GlaxoSmithKline
  • George D. Chizmar, Vice President – Information Technology, Apple Vacations
  • Derek N. Pew, Interim CEO, Wireless Philadelphia
  • Clifton Roscoe, General Manager, EarthLink Municipal Networks
  • Elena Malykhina, Associate Editor, InformationWeek


  • David Kaufman, Senior VP and CIO, Aramark