Building a Next Generation, Creative Urban Workforce for the Information Economy: Temple University’s Urban Apps & Maps Studios


Youngjin Yoo, Michele Masucci, and Alan Wiig
Temple University

July 2014

The transition of many US cities from an economy focused on manufacturing to one focused on digital and information technology has contributed to the decline of many inner-city neighborhoods. The impact of this change has not been evenly distributed across the labor market and the disparity has affected urban, minority communities disproportionately. Philadelphia is an example of this imbalance. In response to this problem, Temple University launched an interdisciplinary, university-wide initiative in 2012 called Urban Apps & Maps Studios Program. The program’s goal is to cultivate design-based and civic minded start-ups that will foster sustainable economic renewal in the North Philadelphia neighborhoods surrounding Temple University. This IBIT report details the drivers of the economic decline and impact on Philadelphia, the origination and development of the program, examples of the program’s success, and the program’s potential and applicability to other urban communities.

Harness the city as a platform for entrepreneurial-led community development.

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