IBIT Hosts All-Star Panel on Cyber-Security and International Policy

Last month, Fox School’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) welcomed some of the world’s foremost cyber-security experts for an engaging panel on cyber-security’s role in policies and happenings in the country and the world. IBIT, which is known for integrating cutting-edge industry perspectives with academic research, brought in renowned international attorney Sean Kanuck, […]

Digital Leadership: The future for CIOs

The digital transformation of business is asking new urgent questions about technology leadership in firms.  The Institute for Business and Information Technology is pleased to announce an exclusive symposium to debate the future with a distinguished panel of experts. Learn more at: http://ibit.temple.edu/ciofuture

Digital Business Innovation Conference explores convergence of media, analytics and brand identity

More than 100 executives – representing industries including healthcare, software, retail, consulting, manufacturing, financial services, media, education, and travel – gathered recently for the Digital Business Innovation conference to explore the convergence of media, analytics, and corporate identity. The full-day event, held March 27, featured 16 speakers from firms including NBCUniversal, Wyndham Worldwide, Citigroup, SEI, […]

First-ever Cyber Security Conference bridges industry gaps, fosters innovation

On March 10, 2014, the Institute for Business and Information Technology presented its first-ever conference on one of the most cutting-edge topics in IT today: the dynamic landscape of cyber security, and its effect on business and the world. Co-chaired by Fox adjunct professors (and brothers) Chris and Marty Kearns, the conference hosted a diverse […]

Big Data conference attracts leading practitioners to discuss a data-driven future

On Sept. 27, 2012, the Big Data Conference was organized by Temple’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT), based at the Fox School, and connected practitioners from agencies and firms ranging from NASA and Lockheed Martin to Walmart and Campbell’s Soup Co. to discuss “The Business Value of Big Data: Potential, Reality, and Success Stories.” […]

Temple “Big Data” Symposium – May 21, 2012, 12-6pm, Shusterman Hall

On Monday May 21, 2012, the Institute for Business & Information Technology (IBIT) hosted a University-wide symposium on “Big Data” in cooperation with the Office of Research. The purpose of this symposium was to bring together Temple researchers across disciplines to explore inter-disciplinary synergies and collaborations on big data research. Big data refer to extremely […]

CIO 2.0: Next generation of insights on digital business strategy

The symposium will integrate different points of views on how IT shapes and influences business strategy.

The Electronic Health Record: Workforce Implications

June 23, 20108:30am – 10:30amTemple University, Philadelphia The Pennsylvania Partnership for Direct Care Workers (Industry Partnership), Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board, and Temple University Fox School of Business present a highly interactive exclusive discussion forum on EHR led by academic experts and leaders at local healthcare institutions. Specific questions to […]

Open Source: Winners vs. Losers

October 21, 20098:30am – 11:00am The philosophical debates continue, the political positions for and against are now well known. The predictions of early demise or swift success were both wrong. Amid all these debates, an increasing number of new innovative applications are being released as open source and the business case seems much simpler today. […]

Is Cloud Computing the Next Big Thing?

February 5, 20098:30am – 10:30am To critics, cloud computing is just a fancy name for distributed or net-centric computing. For proponents, it is a concept that will usher in a new era of high value computing innovations at low cost. Cloud computing is typically associated with delivering services through the Internet and is integrated with […]

Where art thou innovation?

April 9, 2008 Organizations often talk about innovation, but few actually act in an innovative manner. Is innovation really that important or is it just the modern mantra of every organization? Why do organizations really need to innovate? Is it competitive or opportunistic pressure? Are some organizations born to innovate? Can every organization really create […]

Enterprise Systems: Can They Deliver Value in the Long Term?

March 18, 2008 Business processes have been defined, data architectures are strong and finally your ERP system is deployed. All systems go, right? Not so fast. You have a complex new system that has cost you millions, but is it going to do what you want? Will it be used? Will the documented productivity gains […]

Social Computing and Networking: Business Tool or Consumer Fad?

January 31, 20088:30am – 10:30am Social networking at the most basic level is about making and using connections among people. The technologies related to social computing and networking such as MySpace, Facebook, Digg, collaborative wikis, interactive blogs, and even Second Life are now an established part of the consumer consciousness. Concepts such as flatness, openness, […]

Global Integration in 2010

April 18, 20072:00 to 4:30 PM The theme is global integration in 2010 and the participants will consider the challenges of operating and managing across organizational, geographic, and technical boundaries. The symposium will identify key managerial and technical issues that will shape practice and academic research. Panelists Daniel T. Garrett, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor, […]

Assessing and Delivering Business Value of IT

February 27, 20078:00 to 10:30 AMRoom 2221515 Market StreetTemple University Center City Campus It is now more important than ever for the IT executive to ensure that IT is delivering business value to the organization. Business value goes beyond simply assuring delivery of standardized IT services or equipment such as networks, computers, phones, and other […]

Leveraging Wireless Networks for Corporate and Consumer Applications

April 20, 20067:30 to 10:00 AMFox/Gittis FoyerLiacouras CenterTemple University Main Campus Wireless network applications are now being deployed at an ever increasing pace. The vision is that these applications can provide the basis for new kinds ofcorporate and consumer applications.   The panel discussed some of the endless opportunities that are being pursued today, and, the […]

Information Security and Client Data: Balancing the Use of Client Data with Privacy and Data Protection Requirements

February 21, 2006 For any corporation, and thus for the CIO, there will always be a need to strike a balance between the need to protect the privacy of their clients’ (or employees) data and the need to use those data for legitimate business purposes. In order to manage this process effectively, the CIO and […]

Business Continuity and Information Availability

October 25, 20057:30 to 10:00 AMFox/Gittis FoyerLiacouras CenterTemple University Main Campus Business continuity planning is an important consideration for any organization including traditional high availability enterprises such as banks as well as non-profit organizations such as educational institutions. The basic idea of business continuity is that an organization has a plan in place to continue […]

The Strategic Alignment of Information Technology

February 09, 20057:30 to 10:00 AMFox/Gittis FoyerLiacouras CenterTemple University Main Campus Ever since the first management information system was implemented in a business setting, there have been questions about how well (or not) information technology aligns with business objectives. Proponents have variously claimed that IT should be aligned with business objectives, or that it is […]

The challenges of adopting emerging technologies

December 02, 20047:30 to 10:00 AMFox/Gittis FoyerLiacouras CenterTemple University Main Campus The adoption of emerging technologies is a constant challenge for organizations. New innovative technologies promise new higher levels of productivity, improved service and new business opportunities, but the new “silver bullet” often fails perhaps due to unrealistic expectations, spiraling budgets, lack of time and […]