Reducing Employee Insider Threats

Lockheed Martin Challenge Problem Theft of intellectual property is an increasing threat to organizations, and can go unnoticed for months or even years. Additionally, there are increased incidents of employees taking proprietary information when they believe they will be, or are, searching for a new job. Congress has continually expanded and strengthened criminal penalties for violations of intellectual property rights to protect innovation and ensure that egregious or persistent … [Read more...]

Finding “Hot Spots” for Election Spending

NBCUniversal Challenge Problem The 2014 Federal midterm elections may deliver a new record for midterm spending.  Messaging and engagement of voters in crucial races will take priority.  NBCUniversal (NBCU) would like to better understand the distribution of spending across Congressional Districts and Nielsen® DMAs (Designated Market Areas), as well as how they relate to markets with NBC owned-and-operated (O&O) and affiliate stations. NBCU would like to use this data to better … [Read more...]

Understanding A Corporate Move’s Impact

Merck Challenge Problem When a corporation decides to move the location of a major site, the impact on employees is not always completely understood. Often the total impact on the quality of life and commute time for employees to travel to a new location is not always taken into consideration. Merck recently decided to move its corporate headquarters from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey to Kenilworth, New Jersey. Leadership wanted to understand the impact on the commute experience for … [Read more...]