See the 2014 winners

Cassandra Reffner, Graphic and Interactive Design major at the Tyler School of Art, won first prize in this year’s competition.

The complete list of winners is below:

First Place ($2,500)

Cassandra Reffner

Second Place (2 teams, $1,500 each)

  1. Tanner Pannetta
  2. Alexander Arocho, ChiehJeng Chen, and Christian D. Valenti

Third Place (2 teams, $1,000 each)

  1. Joseph Wanovich
  2. Tejaswini Mane, Pei Yen Lin, Douglas DiDesa, Heather Qader, and Steven Scarpato

Honorable Mention (5 teams, $500 each)

  1. Alison Berger, Athur Vieira, Chris Pantle, Subash Karra
  2. Yinping Hu and Mengxue Ni
  3. Jordan Bonner
  4. Nick Bertucci, Andrew Burke, Christina Dailey, Frank Gianetto, and Virginia Heffernan
  5. Gaurav Varma, Jason Besecker, Kartik Sridhar Rao, Lauren Patterson, and Shashank A. Nagaraj

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