The Results Are In!

On November 15 our judges chose the winners of the first Temple Analytics Challenge. The eight winning teams topped the list of 20 finalists and 183 total entries. 

The winning teams are made up of 24 students from four schools and colleges across Temple University. Over 400 students participated in the Challenge from seven schools and colleges. Read more…

Click here to see the gallery of winning entries.


Challenge Winners

First Place ($2,500)

Yolandra Brown (Philly)

Second Place (2 teams, $1,000 each)

  1. Ping-yeh Chiang and Nathan Saunders (World Bank)
  2. Kevin Chin, Anna Choe, and Richard Somerville (Merck)

Honorable Mention (5 teams, $500 each)

  1. Jessica Isaac, Jerome McLeod, and Robert Scanlon (Philly)
  2. Matthew Bukoski, Nikita Patki, and Xi Qiu (World Bank)
  3. Julianne Melograno (World Bank)
  4. Maxwell Cutler, Patrick Markward, Meghan McManus, Charles Yan, Linfeng Yang, and Leah Wrobel (World Bank)
  5. Kevin Dannenberg, Scott Georgescu, Jamilla Lee, Nehaben Patel, and Yoojin Shin (Merck)