Assessing and Delivering Business Value of IT

February 27, 2007
8:00 to 10:30 AM
Room 222
1515 Market Street
Temple University Center City Campus

It is now more important than ever for the IT executive to ensure that IT is delivering business value to the organization. Business value goes beyond simply assuring delivery of standardized IT services or equipment such as networks, computers, phones, and other technologies. Delivering business value includes revenue generation and cost reductions through rigorous process improvements by applying practices such as six/lean sigma. Business value generation initiatives will directly improve the bottom-line profitability, avoid costs, and improve employee productivity. Organizations need processes in place to evaluate projects in terms of business value and measures to track and communicate the benefits. IT organizations also need to learn to say ‘no’ to investments that won’t payback and aggressively identify opportunities that will increase revenue, reduce costs and/or improve cycle time. In this panel discussion we will explore the current state of the art of assessing and delivering business value of IT.


  • Arjun Bedi, Partner, Accenture
  • Eric Dzwonczyk, Senior I.T. Director: Global R&D and New Product Development, Campbell Soup Company
  • Andy Lay, Senior Manager and Systems Engineer – Corporate Process Improvement, Lockheed Martin
  • Jazz Tobaccowalla, VP of Research & Development IS, Wyeth


  • Milan Kunz, Vice President, Process & Systems Improvement Information Technology, GlaxoSmithKline