Sports Analytics: Advancing Decision Making Through Technology and Data

IBIT Sports AnalyticsThe Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) is pleased to announce the release of  The IBIT Report – Sports Analytics: Advancing Decision Making Through Technology and Data authored by Joel Maxcy and Joris Drayer, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University.

As advanced analytical techniques become more and more integrated into the world of sports, a mounting number of teams are using analytics to inform their management, player development, training methods, practice schedules, and more. The report deconstructs the history of these techniques, and assists its readers in applying data techniques to their own fields. 

“This report was designed to be a fun read because it has appeal to a broader audience,” noted co-author Joris Drayer. “I think this is why [the film] Moneyball was such a popular story.”

Artfully expounding on an exciting “analytics revolution,” the report demonstrates how the application of analytics in sports applies to other domains, as well. “Organizations in any industry can use data to make decisions about Human Resources (i.e. players or employees) and Marketing (i.e. pricing or market segmentation),” Drayer added.

This in-depth look into the world of data demonstrates the importance of technological innovations, the growing influence of Big Data, and the competitive advantage analytics can provide to sports organizations worldwide.

“We enjoyed putting this report together,” said co-author Maxcy. “Analytics is rapidly advancing decision-making capabilities in sports. The effective use of data can be a real game changer.”

The ongoing IBIT Report series is based on rigorous, vendor-neutral academic research that provides actionable knowledge on topics relevant to industry partners.

—Felicia Roy