Lessons from the Edge: The Strategies of Cyber Security


What are the lessons from the front lines of the cyber war and how do you apply the lessons to business strategy? The ongoing cyber battles impact business and consumers at multiple levels including security, innovation, defense, law, intellectual property, branding, brand value, infrastructure, social activism, and consumer protections. The cyber battles represent an obvious threat but they also represent sources of innovation and new business opportunity. The conference includes:

  • Methodologies and approaches of cyber war and how they can shape business models.
  • Frameworks for finding powerful new ways to apply emerging lessons for organizing and marketing new business start-ups.
  • Real-world case studies taken from news headlines.
  • Topics include business, crime, activist organizing, politics, medicine, banking, communications, and consumers.

Distinguished Speakers

Conference Chairs


  • The conference will take place from 12-5pm
  • Fee: $195 before 5pm, March 3, 2014. $300 after March 3, 2014.
  • All attendees must register in advance, click here to register.

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