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The AIS – Temple Fox School Job Index is a five year project to produce systematic national level data on careers in information systems (IS) including placement, type of jobs, satisfaction, and related factors such as knowledge level, career services, preparedness, and search strategies. The first IS job index report was published in 2013, the second study is being planned for spring 2015.



2013 IS Job Index

The top 10 observations from the 2013 AIS – Temple Fox School IS Job Index report representing 48 universities and more than 1200 students in the United States.

  1. The IS job market is healthy with high placement levels of 74% overall and 78% upon graduation.
  2. Bachelor IS students average salary is $57,212 while Master IS students average salary is $65,394.
  3. 76% of IS graduates are satisfied with their jobs, and 76% are confident they will perform well in those jobs. 73% found jobs related to their chosen degree.
  4. Information Technology, Financial Services, and Business Services / Consulting are the top industries for IS jobs.
  5. The most common job classification is Systems Analyst at 35% for Bachelor students and 28% for Master students.
  6. IS students are industrious and use multiple techniques and sources to find jobs.
  7. IS students are moderately confident and moderately positive about the job search process.
  8. Career services centers are important for getting a job. IS students value faculty support more than central University support.
  9. IS students rate themselves knowledgeable about their profession.
  10. IS students are 68% male, 55% white, and 28% Asian.



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2015 IS Job Index

We are currently planning the 2015 IS Job Index. If your school would like to participate as one of the 2015 Top IS programs, please contact Munir Mandviwalla at

Research Team

Munir Mandviwalla

Crystal Harold

Paul Pavlou

David Yastremsky (Research Assistant)

National Advisory Board

  • Jane Fedorowicz, Bentley University
  • Tom Ferratt, University of Dayton
  • Robert G. Fichman, Boston College
  • Joey George, Iowa State University
  • Paulo Goes, University of Arizona
  • Michael Goul, Arizona State University
  • Ravi Bapna, University of Minnesota
  • David Hale, University of Alabama
  • Sirkka Jarvenpaa, University of Texas, Austin
  • William J. Kettinger, University of Memphis
  • Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University
  • Jason Thatcher, Clemson University
  • Ramesh Venkataraman, Indiana University
  • Rajiv Sabherwal, University of Arkansas


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The Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) at the Fox School of Business, Temple University is proud to partner with the Association for Information Systems to produce the first ever nationwide Information Systems (IS) Job Index. The report is intended for high school counselors, prospective and current students, IS academics, HR professionals, hiring managers, and legislators.


2013 IS Job Index Report

2013 IS Job Index Info graphic

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