IBIT Industry Experience

Industry Experience - IBITThe IBIT industry experience is an academic program in which students apply classroom learning to professional projects and internships to gain experiential knowledge.

The program consists of two key components. An internship, project-based internship, or service learning experience, and enrolling in a special course that provides academic credit and provides guidance and opportunities on starting and managing the internship and connecting the experience to the degree.


  • Significantly improve employment prospects at graduation
  • Develop professional skills and gain transferable, relevant work experience
  • Develop maturity, leadership, and clarity on the direction of your career
  • Earn income to cover a portion of college expenses
  • Establish relationships with potential employers
  • Receive a higher starting salary at graduation than compared to graduates who have not had an internship experience
  • Receive academic credit for completing an internship
  • Learn how to connect your course work to industry
  • Add content to your e-portfolio and earn points!

Types of Experiences

  • A regular internship that you find on your own such as the ones available through CSPD and FoxNet.  A limited number of internships may be available through IBIT.
  • Project-based internships: As part of this experience you will spend time at an IBIT partner firm learning about the project, meeting with managers, and working on the project. You will also spend time on your own researching and implementing the project. These types of internships have a flexible arrangement and typically do not require you to follow a specific schedule at the partner firm.  Project-based internships are also beneficial for firms who are interested in engaging with students over specific projects. The partner firm supervises the specific project, and IBIT provides the overall framework and structure.
  • Service learning: Service learning uses community involvement to apply classroom theories to address community needs, and requires students to reflect on their activity in order to gain an appreciation for the relationship between civics and academics. Service-learning provides a means for students to enhance their academic program with experiential learning opportunities. It enables students to take academics out of the classroom and into the community to promote civic engagement. By working with community partners such as non-profit organizations, public schools, government agencies, campus groups, or businesses with specifically philanthropic missions, students develop skills and and knowledge that will help them to become responsible members of the community. The specific non-profit supervises the learning opportunity, and IBIT provides the overall framework and structure



  • Undergraduate student at the Fox School of Business
  • Recommended GPA requirement of 2.7
  • Grade of C- or better in MIS2101
  • Junior level status (exceptions may be made based on experience and coursework)
  • Working e-portfolio on the MIS community site
  • Industry experience that you are applying for must be IT related


  • You must register for MIS 3581. This course is open to Fox School BBA students who are interested in IT related work experience.
  • You may take the course up to one semester after your internship ends.
  • MIS 3581 will count as an elective for MIS majors, MIS minors, Digital Marketing minors, and Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ITIE) minors. All other students, you may be able to apply this course to your major or minor – please contact Joseph Allegra at Joseph.Allegra@temple.edu for more information.


  1. Review the requirements above.
  2. Secure an IT related internship
  3. Click here to apply.
  4. After approval from the instructor we will register you for the course, and provide you with information about the next steps.

Please contact Laurel Miller for more information at Laurel.Miller@temple.edu.